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Cas 122628-50-6 PQQ ,Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline,Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements

Good quality Peptide APIs for sales
Good quality Peptide APIs for sales
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Cas 122628-50-6 PQQ ,Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline,Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements

China Cas 122628-50-6 PQQ ,Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline,Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements supplier
Cas 122628-50-6 PQQ ,Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline,Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements supplier Cas 122628-50-6 PQQ ,Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline,Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements supplier

Large Image :  Cas 122628-50-6 PQQ ,Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline,Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MOBELBIO
Certification: GMP,ISO

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1Kgs
Price: According to order amounts
Packaging Details: 1Kgs/Bag, 25Kgs/Drum
Delivery Time: Withun 3-5 days
Supply Ability: 5000Kgs/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Cas: 122628-50-6 Formula:: C14H4N2Na2O8
Molecular Weight:: 374.17 Appearance:: Red Brown Powder
Content:: 98% Package:: 25kg/drum

GMP Factory Supply PQQ Powder /Methoxatin/Pyrroloquinoline/Pyrroloquinoline Quinone For Health Suplements Free Samples


Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ)

Cas 122628-50-6
formula: C14H4N2Na2O8
molecular weight: 374.17

appearance: red brown powder

content: 98%

usage: Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt mainly plays the role of a growth factor and vitamin.

It can promote rats grow and improve their immunity.

storage: sealed, stored in the environment of 2 ºC -8 ºC

package: 25kg/drum


Abstract The scientific name of the PQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) pyrroloquinoline quinone is a new prosthetic group, is the second flavin nucleotides (FMN, FAD) and nicotinamide nucleotide (MAD NADP) in the membrane boundfound in the bacterial dehydrogenase third cofactor, the world's medical profession called fourteenth vitamins. The compound was first isolated from bacteria out, and then moving the plants have also been found, its chemical name is 4,5 - dihydro-4 ,5 - dioxide -1 - pyrrolo (2,3 f) The quinone -2,7,9-tricarboxylic acid, also known as methaxatin.


It means Pyrroloquinoline Quinone may have the power to help protect brain function well into our advanced years. Initial evidence of this was demonstrated in a 2009 study published in the medical journal Food Style.1 In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 71 men and women aged 45-65 consumed foods fortified with 20 mg of PQQ (as found in our new maximum potency formula), Pyrroloquinoline Quinone plus CoQ10, or placebo, for 12 weeks. Throughout the study, subjects participated in cognitive tests designed to measure memory, recall and cerebral function. The graph shown illustrates the results. Similar results were reported in a 2011 follow-up study in which Pyrroloquinoline Quinone was given directly as a supplement.


1.Improve the body's immune function

As a necessary factor of human development, it can stimulate the growth of cells in the body, especially the activation of human B cells, T cells, antibody production, improve the immune function of human body.Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is the most powerful bioactive substances so far.

2. Prevent and treat the liver damage

Can significantly reduce serum bilirubin, alanine aminotransferase levels, make liver function normal, regulate liver damage and have very good curative effect on liver disease.

3. Reduce free radical damage to human body

PQQ is a kind of oxidoreductase prosthetic group, involved in biological REDOX reaction in the body, can effectively remove free radicals in the body, reduce the harm of human body free radical, protect tissues, reduce the body damage caused by various diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and all kinds of inflammation.Free radicals is the source of diseases.

4. Regulate various neurological diseases

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is a new kind of water-soluble vitamins, can promote the synthesis of neural factors in the human body, regulate various neurological diseases.

5. Promote the absorption of amino acids

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is the prosthetic group of quinone protease, participate in the respiratory electron transport chain, in the human body through the effect of glucose, can promote the absorption of amino acids.Amino acid composition of cell SAP and synthetic protein peptide is the main raw material, is an important part of the body's biological active substances.

6. Promote the synthesis of growth factors

Growth factor is the human growth hormone, stimulate biological growth, can stimulate human body cell growth, increase the cell density.Trace amounts of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone could improve the biological function of the organization's ability to metabolize and growth.Why can slow the aging?

7.Prevent and treat the alzheimer's disease

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone special biological activity and physiological function but also has the repair nerve fibers, the activation of neurons, activate the dormancy of the nerve cells, can effective prevention and treatment of alzheimer's disease and improve memory.Can effectively improve intelligence.

8.Promote the synthesis of glutathione

Glutathione by glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine combination of three peptides, has an important antioxidant effect, integrating detoxification, harmful to the body poison into harmless substance, excreted in vitro, glutathione is bioactive enhancer.Pyrroloquinoline Quinone can promote the body's glutathione synthesis, prevent and accumulation of hepatic bilirubin in cataract.

9.Strong anticancer function

1, the activation of NK cells for ANK, make its have kill tumor;

2, can make the NK cells and other immune cells gathered themselves together, and play a corps of operational capability, more effectively kill tumor cells;

3, closed tumor cells carrying iron protein receptors, blocking its function, inhibiting tumor growth and metastasis;

4, destroy the tumor cell lipid double, to dissolve tumor cell death;

5, prevent tumor cell DNA replication, and promote its apoptosis;

6, scavenging free radicals, prevent cancer, heart disease, etc.




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